Andrea Sacco was born on December 22th 1985, a Sunday afternoon..

After a swashbuckling life, in between nursery, elementary and junior high schools, finally he approaches at the high school. He (almost) brightly graduates at the Istituto Tecnico per Geometri A. Gramsci of Prato with a final mark of 90 over 100.

Ended up the high school, he decides to attend to university totally changing field of studies; he attends to Information Engineering at the University of Florence, runs the year 2004. After many setbacks, he manages to be in gear with the exams and, he takes his degree in a (almost) record-time in 2007, with a final mark of 107 over 110. The bachelor thesis it entitles “Piattaforma Software basata su architettura REST/AJAX per Location Based Services”. The aforementioned thesis gives life to the article “Integration of REST style and AJAX technologies to build Web applications; an example of framework for Location-Based-Services” published and presented to the IEEE internation conference ICTTA ’08 in Damascus on April 2008.

Not yet satisfied with knowledge, he takes the (hasty) decision to attend the specialistic degree in telecommunications, at the University of Florence. This proves to be a not so apt choice because, besides having to take almost all courses by himself, he also have to walk from Rifredi to S.Marta in every weather conditions..

His willingness as a student is put under hard test during the following years and, more times he thinks to retirement but, thanks to the support of his bests friends, he manages to accomplish also this feat.

He receives his master degree in Telecommunicaions Engineering with the maximum marks (summa cum laude). It is July 17th 2010 and the thesis it entitles “Multimedia Distributed Surveillance for Underwater Sensor Networks applied to critical monitoring”. With this fateful goal, ends the student life.

But before taking the degree, he decides to make an Erasmus experience.. at the Universidad de Las Palams de Gran Canaria! There he spend some months (5 for being exact) unforgettables.. Unforgettables under many aspects.

Always before graduating, he successfully takes part to the Google Summer of Code 2010 competition, for the promotion of open source software, with the project UAN Framework: AUV simulator and power management layer for the network simulator NS-3.

At the moment, he is seeking for inspiration..