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Given the success of my previous post, and some feedback received, I’ve decided to update the driver version of our beloved MagicMouse.

The updated versions (for windows 7 32 and 64 bit) have been taken from the officials update packages Boot Camp 3.3 and, here you find the two packets:

Inside the archives you will find the drivers. For the installation double click on the executable or extract the files and install them manually.

For any problem do not hesitate write me!

Driver MagicMouse per Windows (7)

Have you just bought the wonderful Apple’s MagicMouse and you wish to use it under Windows 7?
You have tried to install it with the windows drivers but the scroll doesn’t work and the communication sometimes stops?

Well, with a little effort and the mitic 7zip I’ve been able to extract the drivers for our full-touch magic mouse.

The drivers have been extracted from the official updates available from the Apple’s website:

I’ve tested the drivers only with Windows 7 64 bit but, from the Apple site’s specifications, they should work with Windows XP and Windows Vista (both 32 and 64 bit).

I suggest you to uninstall the peripheral previously installed. Go into Bluetooth Devices, and right click on the Apple Magic Mouse icon selecting “Remove device”.

Now just download the proper driver’s version for your OS:

Install the drivers with Administrator privileges and have fun!
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