As some of you will know, this summer I’ve take part to the contest Google Summer of Code 2010, supported by Google. The project in which I’ve been involved has been entitled “UAN Framework” and its aims were to extend and complete the existing “UAN Module” for the network simulator NS-3.

The UAN module, acronym of Underwater Acoustic Networks, it is used for underwater sensor network analysis and simulation (theme of my master thesis).

The project has been mentored by Leonard Tracy, researcher at the University of Washington, and by the NS-3 developers team, including Tom Henderson, Mathieu Lacage, Alina Quereilhac.

Today, I’ve read with great pleasure the review of my work, written by Leonard.

Andrea Sacco, mentored by Leonard Tracy, contributed extensions to the underwater acoustic networking (UAN) module recently introduced to ns-3. Andrea worked to add support to the UAN module for modeling autonomous underwater vehicles and energy usage by underwater nodes. Underwater acoustic communications is a challenging field of research which is heavily reliant on simulations (due to financial and logistical reasons). A publicly available simulator with accurate and reliable models should prove to be a very useful tool to the community. Andrea worked with several teams to successfully incorporate other code contributions in the library and provided extensions to other modules to ensure interoperability and thus extend the abilities of the UAN module. He also took it upon himself to research tangential fields in order to ensure the most accurate possible models in the UAN module. His work and motivation has gone far to make the ns3 UAN module a useful tool to the academic community. (Leonard Tracy)

The code produced is under a mature review process and could be merged with the next NS-3 release (the ns-3.10).

I would like to thanks everyone, especially Leonard for the help and Google for the founds 😉